Visual Testing

Assessing Quality Through Visual Inspection

Visual Testing is the first and most widely used of the Nondestructive Testing (NDT) methods.
VT is utilized in conjunction with all NDT methods used. No matter what NDT method we use, we have to do a visual inspection of the part or material being inspected for surface or material configurations that may either interfere or produce an indication or image in the NDT method being implemented for inspection.
Visual inspection is commonly used in the welding industry for the fit-up inspection of welded joints prior to welding and in many cases, the final inspection after welding.
Visual inspection of manufacturing processes, welding process, pre-pouring, pre-everything inspection for the quality control sector.
CTC performs visual inspection at many fabrication, welding, and construction projects throughout northern California and Nevada.
CTC performs a visual inspection of many amusement parks on their rides, tracks, and structures, coaches, and trains throughout Northern California.