Radiographic Testing

Using Imaging Equipment To Inspect Your Product’s Components

Preferred method of inspection for finding the integrity of the internal structure of a part.

Primarily done with the use of X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Sources.

Services are done in both the field and laboratory.

CTC provides high-energy X-ray services from 0KV to 4MEV and Gamma Services with Iridium 192.

Radiographic images can be produced digitally or on film.

RT is a fast and effective way of inspecting castings, welds, and components where the internal structure of the component can be inspected for defects during the process.

In castings, many internal issues can happen and indications form during pouring and solidification processes; including cold shuts, gas, sand, shrinks, and other casting issues.

In welding, process indications and defects occur during the welding process; such as inclusions, lack of fusion, lack of penetration, porosity, slag, and other weld defects.

Useful for inspection of in-service applications such as aircraft inspection.
CTC inspects many aircraft applications for in-service inspection for structural integrity.

Black-and-white image of a circuit system model display

Many Applications Include Inspection For:

  • Internal defects or indications
  • Corrosion
  • Hidden Damage