Learn More About Our Eddy Current Testing (ET) Service

Eddy Current (ET) produces an induced magnetic field where the field produces an Eddy Current Field around the coil into the conductive material. Any changes in the flow path of the Eddy Current Field due to material changes, geometry changes, or discontinuities send signals to the Eddy Current Scope. The disruption in the Eddy Current Field flow is then analyzed to determine the type of indication. Eddy Current is extremely sensitive to surface discontinuities but can also detect subsurface indications in multilayer structures such as aircraft skin joints, frames, and other structures.
Eddy Current (ET) is used to inspect nonferrous (nonmagnetic) materials that are conductive in nature. Eddy Current (ET) is a very sensitive inspection method and is commonly used for the detection of cracks, corrosion, and other very small changes in structure. CTC’s certified technicians can evaluate these indications.